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Web development & maintenance

Everywhere & every device, your site should flow seamlessly.

Back-End Development

There are a variety of languages and frameworks to choose from when thinking about backend development. Every technology has its own business use and things such as technical expertise might be a factor when thinking of your team's ongoing capabilities. Language features, such as support and communities, can be important factors for you. In either case, eTips Chile Help you with a variety of choices and help you make the best decision for your business.

PHP, .Net, AngularJS, ASP, C#, Node.js, Java, C++, VB.NET, Cordova, Objective-C.

Front-End Development

This is part of the web that you can see, touch and interact. There are many front-end development frameworks that vary in functionality and features. The current challenge is for the techniques to continue to evolve. Being that we work on many different projects all the time, we are up to date with these techniques and we can guide you in the direction that makes the most sense for you.

CSS, HTML5, Javascript, Jquery, Ajax, Bootstrap, Angular 2.0, XML, SOAP, REST.

Content management systems

Choosing the right content management system is very important to help you and your team. Talk to one of our solution architects to determine which content management system fits your business needs.

Wordpress, Drupal or custom.

Database Development

SQL, MySQL, Postgres, Mongo, NodeDB.

Cloud Computing

Solution for the most demanding projects.

AWS Amazon

Small, medium and large companies are increasingly adopting the simplified computing power, cost and speed benefits offered by a cloud platform such as Amazon Web Services (AWS).

AWS includes an extremely powerful set of tools that in the hands of an experienced supplier can result in increased reliability, automation and safety. AWS includes tools that support custom automation and DevOps methodologies that can transform it into a business-ready cloud.

If your company is thinking about developing applications with high load average, you must own one or more exclusive and dedicated servers, with the possibility of rapidly increase its capacity to support significant increases in the number of users and visitors.

eTips Chile will help you evaluating your requirements, design and implement best solutions that guarantees the availability at least of 95% UPTIME.